Growth Pathways

Customer-Centric Transformation

Are you set up to deliver sustainable customer-centric growth?

It’s no surprise that the rise of digital has led to massive changes in customer expectations and buying dynamics.

The need to provide a consistent experience across all channels, in a cost-effective way – has never been greater. Enterprises have seen success when they reorganise around the customer, reset their strategy and operating model, and integrate business processes to deliver a seamless customer experience.

There are 3 core elements that lead to successful transformation:
the ‘why’, the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.​

Why: Anchoring the change in a compelling customer purpose​​

What: Designing a 12-24 month achievable future state​​​

How: Positioning the business to own and drive the implementation​

Blackdot can take you from
common to best-practice

Purpose is aligned to business and shareholder benefit

Box 1

Anchor your purpose on the optimal customer experience

Box 2

Vision for change paints the 3-5-year transformation plan

Box 3

Design an achievable future state of 18 – 24 months, which balances ambition with pragmatism

Box 4

Transformation team executes the change, with benefits realised upon completion

Box 5

Ensure business leaders own and drive the change, to prove value along the way

Box 6

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