The Future of Sales in Health Science

New capabilities and operating model shifts for success in the digital and customer age

The emergence of digital and the proliferation of information online has resulted in higher customer expectations, and the sales process lying firmly in the hands of today’s HCPs and patients. With this significant change in market and buying dynamics, organisations have been forced to shift from a legacy relationship selling model, to a multi-channel and now omni-channel engagement approach.
So, how can you equip your sales reps to become customer and journey-centric, insight-led and progression-focussed?

Watch the recording of our webinar to explore:

  • The evolution of sales in Health Science
  • 3 prevailing sales models and the core role of a rep within each
  • Operating model shifts required to enable the change
  • Practical tips for accelerating towards an omni-channel approach
  • Efficiency and effectiveness benefits for organisations who adapt