Self-Funding Customer Transformation

How to balance your CX, productivity and growth objectives simultaneously

COVID-19 has seen customer behaviour and engagement preferences evolve at a staggering rate – presenting a series of go-to-market and operating model challenges for businesses globally. While many leaders understand the importance of transforming in-line with today’s sophisticated buyer, the pandemic has accelerated this need and provided organisations with no other choice.

In circumstances where financial and resource pressures exist, embarking on this initiative may at first seem unsustainable. Watch the recording of our webinar to explore how you can self-fund your transformation by striking the balance between CX, productivity and growth.

  • Go-to-market challenges presented by the pandemic
  • Typical considerations and objectives for transformation projects
  • Risks of taking a myopic (as opposed to holistic) approach to change
  • Benefits of simultaneously balancing CX, productivity and growth
  • Practical examples of how leading organisations have seen success