Implementing Customer Transformation - event recap

Attracting over 500 senior business leaders from a range of industries, Blackdot recently held the largest of our thought leadership breakfast events to date, ‘Implementing Customer Transformation’ in Sydney and Melbourne. This practical session focused on what it really takes to implement marketing, sales and service transformation in enterprises and showcased case studies by SMC, Goodman Fielder NZ and Roche on how leading enterprises are managing implementation. The event featured a special announcement from Salesforce and Blackdot announced the lucky winner of the $100k consulting package. This post will summarise the key takeaways and highlights from the event.

An announcement from Salesforce

The event kicked off with a special announcement from John Moran, Vice President - Salesforce. John explained that as enterprises are moving towards the domain of ‘transformations’, Salesforce’s customers have a heightened need to actually ‘define’ the problems they need to solve for – which is what makes Blackdot’s relationship with Salesforce so critical. He announced the official anointment of Blackdot as the very first non-systems integrator Salesforce partner in the Asia Pacific Region. This partnership symbolised the culmination of Blackdot’s relationship with Salesforce, heralding a different type of partnership for Salesforce, allowing them to position themselves to most effectively help their customers solve common transformational challenges. 

How can enterprises implement transformations – better and faster?

Blackdot’s Managing Director, Marty Nicholas and Executive Director (Client Solutions), Abhik Sengupta led the plenary keynote, which explored that despite many enterprises realising the need to undergo customer-centric transformation to keep up with digitally empowered buyers, they’re finding it difficult to define the activities, resources and capabilities to deliver on the ideal future state.

Enterprises are having to traverse a series of contradictory challenges, which include improving the customer experience whilst sustaining and growing core profitability and resolving complexity whilst delivering benefits quickly.

Despite these challenges, there’s an opportunity to accelerate benefits realisation through implementation in three ways:

1. Implementation Approach

Defining logical packages of integrated people, process & technology change and executing these packages in an agile way.

2. Resourcing, Governance and Capability

Running a business-led & technology-enabled implementation, using resources based on available capacity & capability and over-investing in change leadership to fast track adoption.
3. Tracking and Management

Elevating dashboards that illuminate implementation & adoption progress and systemising feedback loops for fast-tracked course correction.

This was brought to life with a client case study by James McKew, Group Sales & Marketing Director at SMC Pneumatics Australia, covering harnessing and implementing on growth opportunities in a shrinking market. He explored the importance of having the right measures for individuals to drive sustainable business outcomes and providing clear messaging on what’s in it for the salesforce and most importantly, the customer.

A Blackdot solution that could change and save lives

Following the plenary keynote, Blackdot’s senior manager, Nick Lane, announced the winner of the $100k consulting package. Upon registration, attendees were given the chance to win a qualitative marketing, sales & service diagnostic by sharing their biggest transformation challenge they are trying to solve for. The winner, Transplant Australia was selected based on their clearly defined challenge and potential impact of the solution.

Transplant Australia is a charity with a vision for Australia to lead the world in organ and tissue donation and transplantation – saving lives, improving quality of life and providing much needed care and support.
The package was accepted by Holly from Transplant Australia, who shared some deeply moving facts:
  • 1,400 Australians are currently in hospital with end-stage organ failure
  • Over 11,000 are on dialysis treatments, and
  • Only 1/3 of Australians are registered as organ donors
By working with Blackdot, Transplant Australia are positive that they’ll be able to reach and inspire more people to register as organ donors, and ultimately save more lives. Blackdot are excited to help Transplant Australia make some real differences by increasing engagement in organ donation to take Australia into the top 10 countries for organ donation.

Getting hands on: Break-out workshop streams

Following the morning’s presentations, attendees broke out into three ‘hands on’ workshop streams; designing a realistic future state, building a culture of change leadership and a fully-digitised marketing & sales engine.

1. Designing a Realistic Future State

Blackdot’s Abhik Sengupta revisited the principles from our highly successful ‘Enterprise Growth Transformation’ event and explored the 5 fundamental shifts enterprises must successfully navigate to achieve true organisational customer centricity.

This discussion was supported with a case study by Rachel Stotter, Head of Sales at Goodman Fielder NZ, where she shared their experience of driving an integrated approach to transformational change and transforming the employee and customer experience through improvements to People, Process, and Technology.

2. Building a Culture of Change Leadership

Greg Taylor and Sally-Anne Lyster from Blackdot’s Capability & People Advisory Practice explored the notion of building a culture of change leadership.

The rapid pace of digital evolution and evolving customer dynamic has led enterprises to embark on a transformational journey to align more closely to the customer, however… are individual’s managing change or leading it?  Greg shared anecdotes from his past-life as a Royal Australian Air Force pilot and explained that leaders must dedicate their energy to help their people confidently adopt transformational change by understanding why a culture of change leadership matters, what it looks like, and how to drive it.

This journey of building a culture of change leadership was supported with a case study by Chris Willmott, Regional Head of Business Effectiveness at Roche, where he shared his change leadership learnings during a recent digital transformation.

3. What does a Fully-Digitised Marketing & Sales Engine Look Like?

Blackdot shared a candid and behind-the-scenes feature of our very own Marketing & Sales Engine and how we’ve successfully integrated marketing and sales execution through technology platforms.
Executive Director, Product & Marketing Chris Horn and Manager, Gabrielle Lukes-Mooney explained that Marketing & Sales activities can be digitised and integrated to deliver benefits such as personalising the customer experience and walked workshop participants through how Blackdot’s Marketing & Sales engine was built in three steps:

1. Process: Creating the integrated funnel
2. Technology: Automating for speed, scale, and relevance
3. People: Enabling functional and channel cohesion

Worded by Shirley Shi

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