Why you shouldn’t zero in on tech and data to uplift omni-channel maturity

You’ve heard it all before — customer behaviour, channel preferences and market dynamics are evolving at a faster rate than ever. These monumental shifts have left leaders asking “who is the brand-new consumer and how do I engage them effectively?”.

With pressure to act fast and keep pace with these changes, leaders often view technology, digital and data as the silver bullet. However, companies that take this approach often end up inhibiting their ability to unlock value, as they push aside the need to invest in people and processes. Taking a holistic view to omni-channel and revamping your customer strategy to prioritise new CX capabilities and execution excellence – alongside uplifting technology and data capabilities – will allow you to get more bang for your buck.


This blog will focus on the secret sauce for prioritising customer capabilities in this new world.

1. Reorganise outside-in based on potential value and desired CX

With the buying process firmly in the hands of the customer, leaders need to change the way they think about building organisational capability, structuring and resourcing for success. We’re seeing organisations make significant headway by shifting from hierarchical and functionally siloed to a flatter, journey-aligned and fluid model.

In today’s digital environment, it’s critical to take an outside-in approach, rather than being solely driven by commercials. Here are three key enablers to ensure success:


2. Establish new ways of working to drive pull and push-based journey progression

Gone are the days of static planning cycles and push-based campaigns. Today, organisations must move toward pull-based go-to-market and operating models, supported by new customer engagement approaches, and agile business planning and execution.

To embed these new ways of working and deliver your ideal customer experience, you must:


3. Transform people enablers to fast-track new capabilities and belief

To set your team up for success, embracing an ‘outside-in’ mindset and aligning your people around desired CX is critical. Automation can be fantastic tool to assist with freeing up capacity and providing an opportunity to uplift the experience at moments that matter. When you remove lower-value ‘admin’ work, you grant your frontline team more time to think innovatively on how they can provide a better experience for customers — ultimately improving your bottom line.

But not all change comes easily. There may be some resistance, and this is completely normal. So, to ensure your employees feel comfortable about the shifts in ways of working, it’s important to communicate effectively, and shape mindsets and behaviours to be collaborative, purpose-driven and always place the customer at the centre.


Key Takeaway

If you’re looking to accelerate your omni-channel maturity, you must re-invent your customer strategy, operating model and people agenda. Not only will it help increase sales and operational efficiency – but it will also allow you to differentiate on CX, lift frontline belief and speed to value, and improve market coverage and cut-through. This all sits at the core of extracting value from tech and data – rather than zeroing in on this aspect alone.

To explore what this looks like in practice, watch our webinar with News Corp now!