Transplant Australia wins $100K consulting package prize at Blackdot's executive breakfast summit

Transplant Australia is the winner of $100K worth of Blackdot consulting services at their largest event to date - Implementing Customer Transformation.

The competition that ran in the lead up to Blackdot’s Implementing Customer Transformation executive breakfast, brought in a wide range of responses from enterprise level organisations across a variety of industries. Transplant Australia was recognised as having the most inspiring response to Blackdot’s question – “What is the biggest transformation challenge you’re currently facing?”

The complementary event brought together 500 business leaders to tackle topics including; implementing and operationalising transformation in enterprise businesses, designing a realistic future state, leading organisation wide change and how to successfully implement and digitise a marketing & sales engine.

Nicson White (Blackdot) speaking at Implementing Customer Transformation

There was enormous support shown from Transplant Australia, with two directors from their board – Holly Tyrell and James Reilly, along with Helen Haynes (National Partnerships Manager) present on the day.

Nick Lane, Senior Manager at Blackdot presented the award, to Holly Tryell who stated:

“We believe that with Blackdot’s expertise across marketing, fundraising-capability, campaign design, process & technology, Transplant Australia will be able to grow sustainably, and reach more people” – Holly Tyrell, Transplant Australia

Holly Tyrell (Transplant Australia) accepting 100K prize at Implementing Customer Transformation

Blackdot was proud to award Transplant Australia with the prize, and also support the cause by providing an area for attendees to register to become donors at the event.

Blackdot team assisting with organ donor registrations at Implementing Customer Transformation

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