Blackdot featured in a Salesforce customer success story

Blackdot is proud to have been recognised as a ‘Trailblazer’ and featured in a recent Salesforce customer success story, sharing their extraordinary growth since implementing marketing automation.

In an interview with Salesforce, Blackdot’s Managing Director, Marty Nicholas shared:
“Digital has fundamentally changed the way customers buy and behave. We identified marketing automation as a way to respond and take advantage of new opportunities”.
Prior to Sales Cloud and Pardot being implemented internally, Blackdot relied heavily on relationships and referrals for growth. Marketing and sales processes back then, were largely manual and lacked in data maturity. 
The move to Salesforce six years ago was a turning point for Blackdot – they are now working smarter and faster. The firm cleaned up its data, built an award-winning website and mapped out extensive customer journeys for each persona. It then went against the grain in the industry, by sharing content and expertise free of charge through blogs, whitepapers, webinars and events. In fact, 85% of the firm’s leads and 80% of its revenue can now be attributed back to marketing.

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