Blackdot Launches New and Improved Website

The result of a six-month long redevelopment, the new website will help cement Blackdot’s focus on marketing and sales transformation as well as support the company’s content marketing and lead generation agenda.

Featuring a significantly enhanced user experience, the website is designed to help Blackdot achieve one of its core objectives – to help clients understand ‘what good looks like’ – by showcasing a living and breathing example of a content-led B2B demand creation website. The site is integrated with marketing automation, CRM tools and supported by a range of digital channels.

The website will be updated regularly with new blog, whitepaper and video content and is designed to provide a hub that supports our rapidly growing community of business, marketing and sales leaders.

Commenting on the redevelopment process, Blackdot Director of Product & Marketing Chris Horn said:

“Our aim throughout the redevelopment was to build a site that conveys what Blackdot stands for in the most authentic and user-friendly way possible. We not only wanted to reflect our more recent positioning – which is all about driving enterprise-level marketing & sales transformation –  we also aimed to retain Blackdot’s evidence-based, data-driven legacy, which is a key part of what makes us unique.”

You can view the new website at