Blackdot expands into Canada – meet the team

As we continue to expand our global client base, we’re delighted to announce the expansion of our team into Canada and introduce two of our leaders, Xavier Tang – VP Americas and Rob Luo – Manager, who will be leveraging their regional knowledge and desire to drive growth, to scale up in the Americas.
Here they share what led them to Blackdot…

Xavier, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your professional background?
I’ve been in management consulting for the majority of my career, starting out first with CIBC, a major Canadian bank, and then with McKinsey and Company. I’ve led digital and agile transformations in financial services, public sector, and other industries in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, and Europe. I was also recently with Lyft working on the Canadian and global operations strategy. I’m very passionate about hands-on collaboration with clients; pre-pandemic I loved working in big agile team rooms with tons of energy and sticky notes on walls. That one team mentality is critical to how I like to deliver impact.
What drew you to taking up this position as Vice President, Americas at Blackdot?
I really resonate with our “Embrace Growth” message and always look to be a part of a growth story. The opportunity to bring the expertise and insights of Blackdot (which have resonated so well in EMEA and APAC) to the Americas was a role that felt right to me. Being more entrepreneurial here, I have the chance to also define what Blackdot means in the Americas, including the culture we’ll have and even new ways to deliver client impact. I’m really excited to be building up our team and showcasing what we can do here.
What will 2021 look like for the Canada team?  
The team members in Canada are a core part of both the Americas team and more broadly the global Blackdot family. We have a great growth path ahead of us with the ability to drive both local and global projects. There will be plenty of opportunities to tell our story in Canada and 2021 will be the year that we solidify our presence here. In future, I also look forward to creating a vibrant, flexible office culture!
Thanks Xavier!
Rob, you’ve joined Blackdot quite recently, what are you hoping to achieve for Blackdot Canada?

Regionally, we are in an exciting period of growth and personally, I look forward to growing our team as a manager and mentor to our consultants. Previously at Deloitte, I was the chair of an internal consulting community that connected over six hundred practitioners across the firm, so I hope to help build our Blackdot community within the Americas and globally.

What’s your experience been like so far working at Blackdot?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed the degree of connection with colleagues from our San Francisco, EMEA and APAC offices (despite the difference in time zones!). The digital pandemic era has surprisingly brought us closer, faster. I’m feeling very welcomed and well-integrated into various parts of the firm such as Marketing, Recruiting, and more. This isn’t an experience one could easily attain elsewhere.